BlueProtect by ZEISS

DuraVision® BlueProtect by ZEISS

The ZEISS Blue-Violet Light Blocking Solutions.

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DuraVision® BlueProtect by ZEISS is a coating specially developed for people who spend a lot of their time indoors and are exposed to blue-violet light from LEDs as well as TV, computer or tablet screens.

In addition, DuraVision® BlueProtect comes with premium features of ZEISS coatings.

DuraVision® BlueProtect            BPI 15                                                        Superior   Hardness                 Easy Care*

On clear material versions, PhotoFusion and Transitions®**: 1.5/1.53/1.59/1.60/1.67/1.74
* Easy Care function: easy-to-clean, anti-static and scratch-resistant properties
**Transition is a registered trademark of Transitions Optical, Inc.